Winning Isn 't Nomal

Dear MC Runner,

You are receiving this because I believe you have the potential to be a champion. Not every one of my athletes is given this. It is special. Accept it and yourself as such.

I have had many athletes who had that potential. Many have chosen the easy, common path and never became the best that I believed was present within them. I wish they would have listened to my experience and wisdom. But some have heeded advise, or on their own, chosen the path least traveled and thus furfilled their potential. In nearly every case, they have stood upon the victory pedestal. I believe you can be among those select few...


That doesn't mean there is anything wrong with winning. It just isn't the norm. It is highly unusual.

Every race or competition has only one winner. No matter how many people or teams are entered, only one person or team wins each event. Winning is unusual. As such, it requires unusual actions. In order to win, YOU must do extraordinary things. YOU can't be one of the crowd. The crowd doesn't win. YOU have to be willing to stand out and act differently.

Your actions need to reflect unusual values and priorities. YOU have to value success more than others do.

YOU can't talk like everyone else. YOU can't think like everyone else. YOU can't be too willing to follow the crowd, to do what they expect, to do and act in a peer-driven manner; to do what's "in". YOU need to be willing to stand out in a crowd and consistently take exceptional actions. If YOU want to win, YOU need to accept risks and even perhaps the loneliness...Because winning isn't normal.

Winners are people who will step out and take the risks, the road least traveled.

Excerpted with permission from Winning Isn't Normal --by Dr. Keith Bell