How Well Did You Run?

1. Did you defeat any opponents rated above you?

2. Did you defeat any teamates rated above you?

3. Did you finish in the top five?

4. Did you score?

5. Did you displace?

6. Did you follow the pre-race plan?

7. Were you within 50 yards of the pack leader at the mile?

8. Did you go ahead of any or all opponents at the mile?

9. Did you start your kick before your opponents?

10. Were you passed by opponents after the mile?

11. Were you passed by opponents after the 1 1/2 mile?

12. Did you pass anyone on a hill?

13. Did you defeat anyone in the final sprint?

14. What was your mile time?

15. Did you feel confident?

16. Were you calm during the run?

17. Did you offer all of your teamates emotional support?

18. Did you do a team warm-up? How much?

19. Did you do a team cool-down? How much?

20. What did you eat for lunch?

21. How can I run a better race?