Shortcuts to Success

Runner's World Magazine recently ran a article on ways to improve your running. Here are some of the best ones as they apply to the high school runner. Taken from the October 2000 edition.

1. Run a shorter race. That is why we sometimes race at shorter distances.

2. Put your pain in perspective.

3. Look in the mirror. Watch yourself get in shape.

4. Sprint more often.

5. Run in public.

6. Listen to your body.

7. Run for the hills. Look for them to train on.

8. Let running build your confidence.

9. Do some cross training.

10. Eat.

11. Buy decent shoes ...... and replace them often.

12. Run with faster training partners.

13. Set goals.

14. Face your fears.

15. Watch other people race.

16. Don't be limited by your mind.

17. Run to music.

18. Do strides.

19. Buy some real running clothes.

20. Lengthen your repeats.

21. Have a plan.

22. Be happy.

23. Take a day off.

24. Find training partners.

25. Strength train.

26. Speed it up.

27. Slow down and run longer.

28. Push yourself.

29. Train like you race and race like you train.

30. Try to run fast enough to get your name in the paper.

31. Hang in their when it gets tough.

32. Commit yourself to running.