Your son or daughter has joined the Mt. Carmel Cross Country team.

Cross Country? This fall sport differs from the sport of track and field in that the running is done on a variety of terrain's, most often parks and trails, rather than on a measured track.

These pages are specifically for you the parent of a boy or girl who is participating on our high school cross country team. In addition, all athletes should read this as it gives you a good insight as to the expectations of our team.

It is the coaches hope that you the parent will help to accentuate the total cross country program and experience at the school by working with the coaches. In doing so, your runner will hopefully be able to better reach his/her full potential and enjoy our cross country team and their high school experience to the fullest.

Routes to the Sport

As a student progresses through high school, there may be a desire to participate in interscholastic sports on a individual level. Cross country provides an opportunity for students to become involved and experience personal success in interscholastic sports. Runners come to us here at Mt. Carmel through many routes. Success in middle school, perhaps an older brother or sister ran, being recruited out of physical education classes, some success in our track program, or maybe just coming out because a friend is on the team. Whatever the method, we welcome them and hope that they get involved.

As a result of being a participant on a interscholastic team, a student can become more qualified in terms of college acceptance. Team members often have the opportunity to come in contact with college coaches or representatives and become familiar with college programs, both academic and athletic. Some colleges and universities offer some form of financial assistance to students who are above average both in their running ability and academics. Of course we want them to become good runners. But we also take great pride in the academic achievements of our team members as well as their athletic ones. One of our coaching goals is to try and encourage them on to higher education.