Team Participation Guidelines

We would like to make sure that all team members and parents understand what the practice and competation expectations are of all runners.

When you join the cross county team there is an expectation that you be at practice every day and that you compete in the weekly meets. To better illustrate this, I will relate to you a story of one of our past runners, a young lady named Kim Ricks. Kim was a very good runner, and she also was a very good swimmer and club soccer player. She participated in all three her first two years at Mt. Carmel, but she never missed a practice or meet during that time. The in-season school sport came first, and her club sports second. During her other sport seasons, I made sure that I respected that process. If cross country was the off-season, her in-season sport took priority.

She did not try to miss or leave practices early, she was there every day and did her part as a team member.

I for my part, helped her where I could, If she needed to leave from meets to make other competitions, I had no problem with that. I was able to communicate with the parents as to when Saturday meets were over, and we worked it out.

The point to be made here is that Kim took her part as a team member seriously. She practiced hard every day, she ran hard every meet, and you never doubted her commitment to the team.

If you are a team member for any sport at Mt. Carmel, it is expected that you are there during the season, all the time. While the coaching staff understands SAT's, PSAT's, and family emergencies, telling us that you will not be competing because of club sports or vacations will not be considered acceptable. Please don't expect us to be understanding or happy and you may be asked to leave the team. Because we require you to be at our XC Invite for the whole day, we give you one excused miss. That is all.

Also, for some people doing additional activities does not alway work. Some people can balance a lot of activities while others cannot even balance a ball. If you are constantantly injured or sick due to doing too much you may need to cut back, and we will again be reminding you about your committment to our team.

Varsity Lettering Requirements

Because cross country has a no cut policy, I would like to take some time to explain the varsity lettering policy for all athletes.

To receive a varsity letter athletes must achieve one of the the following:

  • Run in the Top 7 during 50% of our meets.
  • Run in the Top 10 during 75% of our meets.
  • Average being one of our top ten runners during the season and qualify for the League Finals meet.
  • Qualify to run in the CIF Finals race. (only 7 make this)
  • Run as a member in good standing of the team for at least two years.
  • Coaches Discretion

Additionally, to receive their letter, certificate, or award, a runner must:

  • Finish the season in good standing.
  • Finish the season scholastically eligible.
  • Show up to the awards cermony to receive their award.
  • Turn-in all equipment checked out to them.
  • Pay for any lost equipment.
  • Varsity award winners are not eligible for JV awards.

We sometimes have athletes come out there senior year who have never run before. They spend most of the year getting in shape, but because our league rules make seniors run varsity in our 4 league meets, they expect a varsity letter. You have to be a top 10 runner in this sport, a letter is not just given to you, it's earned.