Give Us a Hand--Be a Parent Booster

An organized parent group can be a great asset to any cross country program. In addition to being at meets as spectators, and active involvement with the team can increase the feeling of unity and support among parents.

The goals of the parent group in cross country are as a morale group as well as a supplemental financial support group to the team. This group can also assist in the publicity and promotion of the sport. It is important that the organization work in conjunction with the coaching staff.

Due to the current way that money is budgeted for athletics in school, we do not get any money from the athletic department. Every sport in our school, including football has to fundraise to have basic equipment. Parent help is really needed at our invitational and other team functions.

Uses of Fundraising Money:

1. Provides for the basic needs of the program that the school district is unable to fund for, among these needs are enough uniforms and sweats for all athletes.

2. Provides the team with equipment that isn't mandatory, but can enhance the total program.

3. Provides opportunities to travel distances to participate in invitationals. (Out of county, overnight stays, out of state.)

4. End of season awards where athletes are honored for their achievements during the season.

5. Pay for additional coaches above and beyond what the school supplies.

Our Methods of Fundraising Are:

1. Cross Country Invitational--held the third Saturday in September, Mt. Carmel parents assist in all areas of this event. (concessions, t-shirts sales, help on the course, and the starting and finish lines.) This is an all day event and we expect that all athletes will be there and help.

2. Parent Boosters -- We will have T-shirts, Meet Day Shirts and sweatshirts available to purchase. Hopefully you will wear them to the meets when you come to support the team and your son/daughter at the races.

Ways Parents can Help at Meets:

1. Home Dual/Tri Meets at Mt. Carmel -- We can always use 2-3 parents to help in the finish chute with giving out places or if you are good with a computer (Microsoft Excel) helping with computer results. Also wear red and yell loud for our team.

2. Spagetti Dinners -- Parents work together to help put on spagetti dinners for the team the night before meets.

3. Invitational Meet Treats-- I am hoping to find a parent to help cut up oranges for our teams after they race at Invites. I will help pay for the oranges, if someone can help with the labor and organization.

4. End of Season Awards -- Help us with the organization of this event.

5. XC invite -- Help us with the organization of the snackbar and parent helpers at this event.

Our Committment to You:

We try and work to make sure that your son/daughter is a credit to you, our school, and our program. If you need assistance or information regarding how your son/daughter is doing feel free to give us a call. A coach in todays high school wears many hats with young people, and every one of them is worn with the hope that maybe we can bring out the best in them and teach them valuable lessons that they may use in later life.