Mt. Carmel Track & Field Guidelines

If you are on the Sundevil Track & Field team, there are some rules and guidelines you will need to follow.


You are part of a team and you need the importance of that commitment.  Sometimes that means making sacrifices for the good of the team.  Do your part to help the team in meets and don’t leave meets early.  Be a person of commitment. 


Team membership also comes with an expectation that you have a pride in our team and respect for all the athletes that are part of this team.  Be a person of passion for yourself and respect for others.


If you practice all week, you will be participating in the dual meet that week.  What events that participation includes is left up to the coaches.  If you cut practice you will miss a meet.  If you cut practice a second time, you will be asked to leave the team.   Be a person of consistency.


On school holidays and inservice days we will still have practice in the afternoon and you will be expected to attend.  Be a person who remembers what they are supposed to do


We will have a team fundraiser at the beginning of the season and you will be expected to support it by working and or selling.  Do so to the best of your ability.  Be a person who shows initiative.


You are required to be available to work at our Mt. Carmel Track Invitational on March 24.  You will need to be available from 10 am to 7pm on that day. If you are also competing in the meet, your coach will adjust your work schedule.  Work is required; competition is a privilege.  Be a person who is dependable.


You will be expected to show up for all of our meets dressed properly.  That means wearing the team uniform and team sweats.  You are representing your school, your parents and yourself -- do so with class.  Be a person who shows pride in your team and yourself. 


If you lie or mislead a coach, you will (at a minimum) miss a meet.  Be honest in everything you do.  If you cut class, you will miss a meet.  Don't cut class, stay and be a good student.  Be a person of honesty with your coaches and teammates.  Be a person of good character.


When you turn in this signed form, you will receive a uniform and warmup top.  You will be expected to return this equipment at the end of the season (before June 1) in good condition.  If you don't, you will be charged for it.  Take care of your equipment.  Be a person who takes and shows responsibility.