Mt. Carmel T&F --- Pole Vaulters Rules & Guidelines

The following rules and guidelines are set out for pole vaulters here at Mt. Carmel. Following these rules will make the life of a vaulter much simpler while practicing and competing in meets for MC. Failure to follow the rules will find that your life will become more stressed and you will be vaulting less during the week and possibly not at all during meets.

General Rules

You are expected to be a practice every day. Even if you compete in another event area you will need to come by the vault pit and fmd out what you will practice that day for the vault. Even if it is just drills, you need to do them.

Being a good pole vaulter requires good concentration in practice. Horseplay and lack of concentration can lead to bad workouts and possible injury. While vaulting should be fun, there should not be so much horsing around in practice that practice is disrupted. The goal of every vaulter should be to improve their vaulting skills and abilities. Practices are designed to help achieve this goal.

Part of your vaulting responsibility is helping to take the pits, standards, and poles in an out on a daily basis as well as meets as well as the end of the season. Vaulters are not to leave practices or meets without checking in with me. I will not let you leave until all the equipment is put away.

Part of your being part of a team is supporting one another. This can throughout the season is an behavior expected of all Mt. Carmel Vaulters.

Workouts are planned on a daily basis for you as athletes. Following these workouts will help you to get better, faster. If you do not understand the reason for a workout or exercise ask me an I will tell you why we are doing it. Don't however, take it upon yourself lo change the workout because you don't like what we are doing. As a coach I expect reasonable communication from my athletes when problems occur, not lack of responsibility.

I expect you to support our fundraising efforts as the pole vault is the most expensive event in track and we are constantantly fundraising for new poles.

Mind your language during practice and meets.

Equipment Rules:

Safety is the most important aspect of the Mt. Carmel Vault Program. Here are some rules of safety for you with regards to equipment:.

Make sure that the pits are put together correctly and all bucklled up.

Make sure that the standards are put in correctly and base protectors pads put on.

Cheek your pole daily for cracks and scratches. If it looks questionable, report it to coach immediately.

Never drop your pole on the ground, this could cause scratching or chipping. Throwing your pole down on the ground in anger will result in you being grounded from the vault for the rest of a practice or meet.

Between vaults, don't lay your pole on the ground. Use the pole racks instead.

Never vault on a pole rated lower than your body weight.

Additional Equipment Rules:

Keep track of your poles at meets, if you lose it you will replace it and poles start at $300.

You may have to share poles with other vaulters on the team. If you do not like this, you can purchase your own pole.

Never lend one of our poles to another schools athlete without my permission.

Do not take pole plugs from other poles to fit yours when yours needs replacing. Ask me and I will give you a new one.

When we go to away meets you are responsible for carrying your poles at all times and returning them to school after themeet.

Make sure that your poles are put back in the right section and tubes of the pole racks. Take care of your poles.