Hurdlers Meet Responsibilities

Pre-Meet day (usually Wednesdays)

Make sure all hurdles are placed in stacks of 8 in the assigned positions. One stack (33” hurdles) at each girls hurdle mark against the wall and one stack (39” hurdles) at the boys hurdle #1 mark. Extra hurdles should be placed for hurdles #1 and #2 of the 300s.

At Home:

Check your spikes and uniform -- make sure everything is ready for the meet – bring your stuff to school, whatever the weather.

Meet Day (usually Thursdays)

Arrive as early as possible, your races are early in the meet (100s/110s follow the 1600m). Check to make sure hurdles are stacked properly and at the correct height. Place hurdles for the 100 HH in lanes 7 and 8 before team warm-up.

Team warm-up:

You should be a positive force for Mt. Carmel. Be on time, be supportive of your teammates, be a role model for younger athletes.

Individual warm-up:

Plan your warm-up keeping in mind that you must place the hurdles for your races and remove them after. Your warm-up is outlined for you on the “Pre-Race Warm-up” document.

100HH / 110HHs:

Hurdles should be placed during the running of the 1600 meters. Leave lanes 1, 2 &3 open until the boys varsity race concludes. As soon as possible, girls should be released to complete their pre-race warm-up and do starts. After the girls Varsity race, hurdles should be switched to the boy’s positions and raised to 39”. Boys should place rows 1-3, girls the rest so the boys have a few minutes before their race for starts etc. After the boys Varsity race, remove rows 6-10 for the freshman race. After the freshman race, remove all remaining hurdles and move the ones necessary to their 300s positions. Only then are you released.

300LH / 300IHs:

Place the hurdles in lanes 8-4 during the running of the 800 meters. Hurdles should be at the 30” height. Once again, girls should be released to complete warm-ups as soon as possible. After the boy’s freshman race, adjust hurdle to the 36” height. After the boys varsity race, remove the hurdle to the outside of the track as quickly as possible and you are released.

Be Aware:

Throughout the meet, keep your focus on what you want to accomplish and on making sure that you are well prepared. Be aware of the pace of the meet. Plan your warm-up and hurdle moving time well. Listen, and respond to the calls for your race when they are made. You should always check in at the "second call" for a race. When you are not competing, actively support your teammates and respond positively to the requests of any of the coaches.