Distance Meet Responsibilities 

Pre-Meet: Pack your uniform and make sure your spikes are correct for the track on which you will be competing. Make sure to eat a hearty dinner full of carbohydrates and stay hydrated. No soda!  Try and meet up with some teammates for dinner. If you so desire, spend a little bit of time thinking about what you will do in your race, for example, when you will kick or holding a steady pace. For some people this can be what makes or breaks the race.

Meet-Day: If competing away, know what time the bus leaves. If competing in the 1600m at home, make sure you know what time you will have to leave class in order to have a good warm-up.  If asked to do something by a coach, DO IT and make sure you leave visitors thinking, WOW I like Mt. Carmel. You may not leave when your race is over. Make sure you stay and cheer on your teammates and leave your area tidy. If you have to leave, ask a coach. And last but not least have a good time, work hard, and represent Mt. Carmel.

Warm-Up: First of all make sure you watch the races going off: sometimes your race may be delayed or occur earlier than anticipated so make sure that you know which races are run before yours. Do not warm up too early, there is nothing worse than being ready to race 30 minutes before your race actually takes place. Stretch whenever you need it. About 45 minutes before your race get your teammates who are competing in the same event and go for about a 10-15 minute jog. This is meant to loosen you up. When you get back make sure you stretch. With about 15 minutes to go you can do your drills and with about 5 minutes remaining put on your spikes and do some strides to get your heart pumping. Now you’re ready.

Cool-Down: DON’T FORGET ABOUT COOL-DOWNS. If you do not cool-down you increase the risk of injury. About a 10 minute jog will be sufficient and do plenty of stretching. If you are going to double make sure you have something to eat  between events such as a banana or PB&J sandwich.